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Two out of three Britons have more than £50 worth of unspent foreign currency just lying around from their holidays, live sex reveals a new study.A survey of 2,000 holidaymakers by ICE (International Currency Exchange) says 49 per cent of us prefer to squirrel it away for our next trip away rather than have it converted back to pounds.Just under a third night porn of people returning from their escape convert their cash when they get home while the same amount of tourists will spend up at the airport lounge and gifts shops.
Hoarders: Two out of three Britons have more than £50 in unspent foreign currency for their holidays
Saving it for later: Almost half of UK residents keep the foreign currency for the next trip abroad 
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What Brits do with leftover foreign currency after holidays… Nothing, save it for my next trip – 49%Convert it when I arrive home – 32%Spend it at the airport – 32%Spend it on drinks or a meal – 18%Buy gifts for family/friends – 16%Use it to tip staff – 12%Give it to charity – 2.7%Source: ICE For the kind-hearted souls, 16 per cent of those surveyed will use their excess money on gifts for loved ones before they get home while three per cent will give the currency to charity and 12 per cent will tip their hotel staff.If exchange rates were favourable when the currency was first ordered and another trips on the cards, you can understand why you wouldnt rush to convert leftover holiday money back into Sterling, says Koko Sarkari, chief operating officer for ICE, whose company offers a free quote for currency buy-back via text.But with almost half of us hoarding foreign cash, the hassle factor probably plays a big part in the decision not to convert it back.With 66 per cent of those surveyed having at least £50 in foreign cash, that could mean there is almost £1.7billion in other money going to waste in British homes just from this years holidays (based on 53 per cent of UK residents taking an overseas break this year according to travel organisation Abta).
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7 WAYS TO GET THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR TRAVEL BUCK…    KEEP AN EYE ON EXCHANGE RATESMake a habit of having a look at the rates on your chosen currency each day, even multiple times a day, to get an idea of what is good value or a rip-off. is simple and easy to use. TAKE THE EASY OPTIONIts so easy to just go to the window that says currency exchange and ask for some euros, but you could be doing yourself out of money. Just as rates fluctuate, so do the providers. The best bet is to call around or use a comparison website such as Travel Money Max. Most providers offer better deals online. Or ICE offers a text-back quote so you can arrange pick-up from your nearest provider.HAGGLING STARTS HEREBargaining isnt just for the souks, exchange rates can be negotiated too. Did you see a better rate at another supplier? The one right in front of you might match it. Or if you have a large sum of money to change for a big trip you could get a slightly better rate. It never hurts to ask.BEWARE FEES OR GREAT DEALSUsing your card (credit, debit, visa etc) to get foreign currency is oh-so convenient, but could cost you the price of a drink at your destination. So ask if there are any fees that will be added. If a provider is spruiking the best deals or 0 per cent commission, its likely too good to be true as theyll be making up for it some other way.CASH IS KINGAll banks are a bit different, so its worth checking fees. But to be safe, withdraw pounds from your banks ATM and get cash converted.
Watch currency rates trends before your tripALTERNATIVE FORMS OF MONEYTravellers cheques are a handy alternative to carrying stacks of cash. They can be replaced if lost or stolen, which is handy. The catch is that you can only change them to six currencies. American Express is the most widely accepted. Pre-paid cards can be helpful too, so you can put money youll need on it before you go and use instead of the card with your life savings attached. But again, beware fees.KNOW WHAT MONEY YOU NEEDCurrencies such as the Euros or US, Australian and Canadian dollars are straightforward, but the way some countries use money differs. Some may take local currency but prefer US dollars. Cuba has different money for locals and tourists. Moroccos Dirham cant be exchanged outside the country. Some research could really pay off.  
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It is definitely not a candidate to become a new home for humanity.Nasas Hubble Space Telescope has made the most bayan escort detailed global map yet of the glow from a turbulent planet outside our solar system – and found an astonishingly escort inhospitable environment.The exoplanet, called WASP-43b, is a world of extremes.
escort bayan This is a temperature map of the hot Jupiter class exoplanet WASP 43b. The white-colored region on the daytime side vip eskort is 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. The nighttime side temperatures drop to under 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. LIFE ON WASP-43B First discovered in 2011, WASP-43b is located 260 light-years away. The planet is about the same size as Jupiter, but is nearly twice as dense. The planet is so close to its orange dwarf host star that it completes an orbit in just 19 hoursThe planet is too distant to be photographed, but because its orbit is observed edge-on to Earth, astronomers detected it by observing regular dips in the light of its parent star as the planet passes in front of it.Seething winds howl at the speed of sound from a 3,000-degree-Fahrenheit day side, hot enough to melt steel, to a pitch-black night side with plunging temperatures below 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Astronomers mapped the temperatures at different layers of the planets atmosphere and traced the amount and distribution of water vapor.  These measurements have opened the door for a new kinds of ways to compare the properties of different types of planets, said team leader Jacob Bean of the University of Chicago.Seething winds howl at the speed of sound from a 3,000-degree-Fahrenheit day side, hot enough to melt steel, to a pitch-black night side with plunging temperatures below 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. First discovered in 2011, WASP-43b is located 260 light-years away. The planet is too distant to be photographed, but because its orbit is observed edge-on to Earth, astronomers detected it by observing regular dips in the light of its parent star as the planet passes in front of it.Our observations are the first of their kind in terms of providing a two-dimensional map on the longitude and altitude of the planets thermal structure that can be used to constrain atmospheric circulation and dynamical models for hot exoplanets, said team member Kevin Stevenson of the University of Chicago.
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As a hot ball of predominantly hydrogen gas, there are no surface features on the planet, such as oceans or continents that can be used to track its rotation. Only the severe temperature difference between the day and night sides can be used by a remote observer to mark the passage of a day on this world.The planet is about the same size as Jupiter, but is nearly twice as dense. The planet is so close to its orange dwarf host star that it completes an orbit in just 19 hours. The planet also is gravitationally locked so that it keeps one hemisphere facing the star, just as our moon keeps one face toward Earth. Scientists combined two previous methods of analyzing exoplanets in an unprecedented technique to study the atmosphere of WASP-43b. They used spectroscopy, dividing the planets light into its component colors, to determine the amount of water and the temperatures of the atmosphere. By observing the planets rotation, the astronomers also were able to precisely measure how the water is distributed at different longitudes.
Scientists combined two previous methods of analyzing exoplanets in an unprecedented technique to study the atmosphere of WASP-43b with the Hubble Space Telescope.Because there is no planet with these tortured conditions in our solar system, characterizing the atmosphere of such a bizarre world provides a unique laboratory for better understanding planet formation and planetary physics.The planet is so hot that all the water in its atmosphere is vaporized, rather than condensed into icy clouds like on Jupiter, said team member Laura Kreidberg of the University of Chicago.The amount of water in the giant planets of our solar system is poorly known because water that has precipitated out of the upper atmospheres of cool gas giant planets like Jupiter is locked away as ice. But so-called hot Jupiters, gas giants that have high surface temperatures because they orbit very close to their stars, water is in a vapor that can be readily traced.Water is thought to play an important role in the formation of giant planets, since comet-like bodies bombard young planets, delivering most of the water and other molecules that we can observe, said Jonathan Fortney, a member of the team from the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

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Guilty: Interbrand boss Jez FramptonConstable Dogberry in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing mangles every word he utters – and so do many child porno business leaders. We put the worst offenders in the dock for crimes against the English language. The accused: Jez Frampton, global chief escort bayan executive at Interbrand.What he said: ‘Brands that seek to lead in the forthcoming Age of You will have to create porn truly personalised experiences, or what we will call “mecosystems”, around every one of us.’What he meant: Where to start? The escort ‘Age of You’ clearly comes from the same school of thinking as that dreaded description ‘me time’, usually interpreted as another way of saying ‘I’m selfish and want to be alone’. Could ‘curated experiences’ refer to tailoring products or services to people who may want to buy them? And as for the new noun ‘mecosystem’, let’s not even go there.Extenuating circumstances: Working in marketing, Frampton is among serial offenders in an industry that thrives on making up words. Dogberry recommends some time in the real world.Verdict: Guilty. 
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RUTH SUNDERLAND: Why bank clean-up is now long overdue

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HTC may be better known for its smartphones, but the Taiwanese company today revealed it plans to enter the camera porno market.In what has been described as a direct challenger to the likes of action camera GoPro and Polaroids latest cubed porno device, HTC has launched its first standalone camera, dubbed RE.The 16MP device, which also records videos in 1080p HD, features a unique cylindrical design and remote viewfinder.
The 16 megapixel RE camera, which has a CMOS sensor and 1080p HD video recording, features a unique cylindrical designA built-in grip sensor instantly activates the camera when its picked up, and its single shutter button allows one tap to capture photos, with a longer press being used for video recording.The design also has a 146-degree wide-angle lens, as well as slow-motion and time-lapse recording, with a remote viewfinder that allows users to take shots through their mobiles.
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From turning your phone into a security camera to finding the best spot for your WiFi router: The 10…
An app, available for both iOS and Android, will automatically back everything stored on the camera to the user’s phone or the cloud to free up space on the camera.In the future, RE will offer real-time video streaming to YouTube, allowing anyone to share events in their lives as they happen.  THE PERISCOPE CAMERA: MAILONLINES VERDICT
A built-in grip sensor instantly activates the camera on pick up. Its single shutter button allows one tap to capture photos and a longer press for video recording. Pictured is the camera with its standThe periscope camera, called Re, is curious-looking. It stands around four inches tall and the cylinder design means it’s easy to grip and a hidden sensor means that as soon as you touch it, it’s ready to go.The colour finishes look good and the Re feels solid and classy, much more so that just looking at it might suggest.Holding it is a strange experience at first, especially as you don’t look at the back of it as you would a regular camera. In fact, it’s more akin to the way Victorian photographers would hold a flash aloft. Because it has a wide-angle lens you don’t need to have it in front of your face and it easily includes all that you’re looking at, so there are no worries about framing your shot. The lens does mean there’s a slight fish-eye lens effect.The trigger button, a large chrome button on the rear of the device, means there’s no shutter lag and the simple way of shifting between stills and video (short press for images, long press for video) works well. Still, it’s light and small enough to hide in a pocket or bag easily. You can also trigger the shutter remotely from an Android or Apple smartphone, which is handy.The four times slo-mo looks pristine, though the resolution is 720P, not full HD. The Re is a different product even from the lens-style cameras Sony has launched. The initial results looked promising and it feels good in the hand. Though whether the public is ready to embrace a hand-held periscope is anybody’s guessDavid Phelan
Alongside its new camera, HTC also unveiled its latest HTC Desire model, the HTC Desire Eye. The smartphone has 13MP front and rear-facing cameras, and three microphones to increase sound qualityAlongside its new camera, HTC also unveiled its latest HTC Desire model, the HTC Desire Eye. RE CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS  Size: 3.8-inch (96.7mm) x 1-inch (26.5 mm)Weight: 65.5gMemory: 8GB microSD includedConnectivity: BLE (Bluetooth 4.0), Wi-Fi, micro-USB, 1/4-inch tripod connectionCamera: 16mp, CMOS sensor, 146° lens, 1080p, 30fps FHD video, 720p, 4x slow motion video, time-lapse video recordingBattery: 820 mAh rechargeable battery (1,200 16MP photos; 1 hour 40 min of continuous FHD video recording)  The smartphone has 13MP front and rear-facing cameras, and three microphones to increase sound quality.Back-illuminated sensors capture crisp photos, even in low-light conditions, and dual-LED flash on both cameras means selfies are illuminated.HTC Desire Eye has a 5.2-inch full HD display, waterproof casing, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 4G connectivity.As well as hardware, the HTC Eye has face-tracking capabilities that can follow four people in a room at the same time when using services such as Skype.In direct competition with the RE camera, Polaroid recently launched its Cube device, a tiny action camera with a distinctive square design.It measures 1.5 inches (3.8cm) on all sides and can capture high definition video at 1080 or 720p. In a similar format to RE, still images can also be taken at a resolution of 6MP with its one-button operation.Three is the only UK operator to offer the HTC Desire Eye and RE Camera. The camera will also be available from EE from November for £169.99.   THE HTC DESIRE EYE HANDS ON 
 The HTC Desire Eye is a big phone (thanks to its 5.2-inch screen) but feels comfortable enough in the hand. Snapping selfies is straightforward and the front-facing camera was fast and responsive, even in lower light.The first thing you notice is a much bigger lens on the front of this phone than on any other, matched by the twin flash.Video looked and sounded good thanks to Full HD resolution recording on both front and back cameras, and three microphones to pick up all the sound – this also promises better background noise cancellation for audio and video calls. The phone has HTC’s trademark BoomSound twin speakers at top and bottom of the screen to enhance sound whether you’re video-calling or playing back footage you’ve shot.  Commenting on the news, Ben Wood, Chief of Research at CCS Insight said:The RE Camera’s quirky design is certainly distinctive, but HTC is going to have to provide some compelling reasons to buy one given most people are already carrying a smartphone with a great camera.HTC has doubtless had its head turned by the 3.8 million action cameras that GoPro sold in 2013 but it is going to be a stretch to expect consumers to embrace the RE camera as a compelling alternative for everyday action photography. 
The RE camera has a 146-degree wide-angle lens, as well as slow-motion and time-lapse recording, with a remote viewfinder that allows users to take shots through their mobilesIn regards the HTC Desire Eye, Rob Kerr, mobiles expert at, said: HTC has unleashed what can only be described as the ultimate selfie phone on the market right now.No other mobile maker has yet added a whopping 13MP camera to the front of a mass-market phone, so this handset could well feature under a few trees this year. If priced right, the launch of the Desire Eye could be HTCs smartest move yet – an affordable phone, with flagship features, targeted at a younger market – just as we head towards the present buying time of year. 
Polaroid launches the new Cube Lifestyle Action Camera
In direct competition with the RE camera and GoPro (right), Polaroid recently launched its Cube camera (left), a tiny action camera with a distinctive square design

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An all women rowing club whose charity snaps were banned from Facebook have overcome their previous disappointment to launch their escort bayan third nudist calender.The university of Warwick rowing society were left devastated earlier this year when photos from their previous calender bayan escort were branded too pornographic by Facebook and were removed from the site.The 2014 calender was a huge success selling over escort 1,500 copies and raising thousands of pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support. 
eskort The University of Warwick rowing society are to release their 2015 nude calender despite heavy controversy surrounding their shoot last year which sure the images banned from FacebookHowever the social networking site said that the photos breached their pornographic and nudity laws and removed the black-and-white nude photos – claiming it contained explicitly sexual content. 
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Despite last years controversy the women have remained undeterred and have released images from their 2015 calender containing even more naked images of the rowers claiming it is their best calender yet. Featuring 12 members of the universitys rowing club, the girls – aged between 18 and 21 – can be seen frolicking in their boat house on the River Avon in Barford, Warks.
Last years calender shots were dubbed too pornographic by the social networking site, so this year the images will not be added to Facebook
Sophie Bell (left) says that last years setback has not deterred them and they have produced their best calendar yet for 2015
This will be the Rowing Societys third nudist calender in aid of Macmillan Cancer SupportThe young women are hopeful that their third naked calendar will be met the same success of their previous efforts having raised a whopping £5,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support over the years.Although January is still a little way off the girls have already received 200 pre-orders from across the globe for their 2015 calendar, including from the Gay and Lesbian Rowing Federation in Boston, USA.Third year history and politics student Sophie Bell, 20, from Upminster, Essex, who helped organised the 2015 calendar, said the girls have not held back with their latest efforts.
University of Warwick Rowing Societys 2013 calender shoot
The girls have raised over £3000 for the charity with their previous calendar salesWe were all disappointed when the page was removed because we are students so social media is one of the main ways we market and advertise the calendar.It really hurt us when it was branded as porn because that is exactly the opposite of what we want to do.We are all strong-minded women and our first thought is to make sure the shots are tastefully done so it makes a calendar we can all be proud of.
Despite not being able to market the calendar on Facebook the girls have received 200 pre-orders from around the globe Sophie admits that they did have their concerns regarding marketing the calendar without the help of social media, but says that they have already received a phenomenal response.  We have raised over £3,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support and thought we might struggle to sell as many of the 2015 calendars without Facebook.Thankfully, due to the support of our loyal fans, they saw sense and put the page back up again and the girls are really looking forward to selling as many as we can to our fans all over the world.
The society have received an order all the way from Boston USA from the Gay and Lesbian Rowing FederationSophie added that the warm weather really helped the girls to relax in their photographs and produce some of their most successful images yet. This years shoot was done in June at our boat hose at Barford along the beautiful River Avon when we had some amazing hot weather.The girls really got into the spirit and I think the final images make this our best ever calendar. And the girls hope they can raise even more money with their latest more risque version, which is priced at £8.99, and is released 14 October.It can be purchased from or by contacting the students on their Twitter page @nakedgirlsrow.  

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Ronaldinho rolled back the years to score an outstanding free-kick for Queretaro during his new sides encounter against Atlas on Tuesday evening.The Brazilian forward curled the ball into the top corner from 19 yards in a similar fashion to what he became accustomed to doing while he was at Barcelona and AC Milan.Ronaldinho, who has now scored two goals in three games for Mexican outfit Queretaro, had a pretty eventful night as he was approached by a supporter during the encounter.
PSG 3-2 Barcelona: David Luiz, Lionel Messi, Marco Verratti, Blaise Matuidi and Neymar score in star-studded affair in Paris 
Mikel Arteta reveals he thought Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was going to quit after stalling contract talks  
Ronaldinho opens his account for Mexican side Queretaro with cheeky penalty… just five days after skying one on his debut
Ronaldinho signs two-year deal with Mexican side Queretaro… in blow to Basingstoke Town

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(CNN) — If youre looking to hook up via your smartphone, and arent overly concerned about looking like a snob while doing so, Luxy may be the app for you.
Billing itself as Tinder, minus the riff-raff, the app, launched this month for Android and in May for Apple devices, is designed to play matchmaker for the rich and beautiful — all others be damned.
With the rise of high-speed digital dating, its about time somebody introduced a filter to weed out low-income prospects by neighborhood, said the CEO of Luxy in a media release.
Who is that CEO? Good question. A Luxy spokesman on Tuesday would only identify him as Tim T.

Would you find your next date on an app?

World Cup fans looking for love online

Maximize your downtime

(It is worth noting, perhaps, that the only written review of the app in the Google Play store on Tuesday was a 5-star entry by a user with the screen name Tim T.)
Spokesman Darren Shuster said the decision to keep Tims identity private is likely due to negative feedback the app has received.
Luxy claims that the average income of male users is $200,000. Shuster said, via email, that the team behind the app is working on an income-verification system but, in the meantime, is looking to the community to police itself.
If you show up in a 20-year-old VW Bug, and request to meet at McDonalds, you wont last very long on LUXY, he said. Look, these members drive the best cars, hang out at the fanciest hotels, live in the biggest houses, wear the best clothes. It doesnt take long to weed out those who belong on a different kind of dating site.
Among the apps current users are CEOs, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models and Hollywood celebrities, according to the media release.
The app has only been downloaded between 10 and 50 times, according to Google Play. Rich people must all have iPhones (Apple doesnt provide download numbers).
So, how does the app decide which well-heeled hottie is right for you? By asking which products you like to conspicuously consume, of course.
Users are asked to submit their five favorite luxury style brands for consideration. Presumably, that will help track down the Mercedes-Prada-Gucci-Louboutin-Dom Perignon enthusiast youll want to spend the rest of your life with.
Users may then scroll through profiles of others, tapping the ones they like and swiping away those that dont meet their standards. If two users like each other, the app introduces them and sets up a chat.

Reality framework is societies

Editors note: Ghaffar Hussain is managing director of Quilliam, a think tank formed to combat extremism in society. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely his.
London (CNN) — In recent months, much ink has been spilt exploring why some young British Muslims abandon a comfortable life in the UK to join one of the most brutal and blood-thirsty terrorist groups in recent history, namely the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Sadly, much of this commentary has struggled to move beyond clichés that revolve around hate preachers and extremist websites.
In order to arrive at a more nuanced understanding of why a group like ISIS is able to attract hundreds of young British Muslims, we must examine a wide range of factors that contribute towards creating a ISIS narrative that has resonance and appeal.
This involves facing up to some uncomfortable truths about contemporary Muslim political discourse and coming to terms with the negative impact of the recent lurch towards vacuous literalism within British Muslim communities.
Ghaffar Hussain
There is a fundamental cognitive dissonance in the minds of many young Muslims in Britain today. On one hand a conservative religious upbringing informs individuals that they alone have the true holy book, the true God and, of course, the true religion. This gives rise to lofty expectations for Muslim societies globally. However, the reality of contemporary Muslim societies, mired in poverty, illiteracy, violence and corruption as they are, stands in stark contrast to such grand expectations.
This perturbing juxtaposition requires an explanation that neither denies the perceived reality nor challenges Muslim exclusivist tendencies. Such an explanation or narrative needs to take into account the sense of victimhood and humiliation some Muslims feel and seek to externalize. It also needs to offer a program for restoring much-needed collective pride.
In essence, groups like ISIS are filling this gaping void, a void other post-colonial nationalist movements have failed to fill. In the eyes of the jihadists, Muslim societies around the world are struggling today because they have been systemically undermined by western neo-colonialism and strayed from the true Islam. The solution, therefore, is to expel any semblance of western influence, along with their local stooges and puppets, and introduce a strict and harsh interpretation of Islam.
Muslim Council: Must not glamorize jihad
Fighting extremism on Londons streets
British Muslims counter extremism
The attraction for some is then obvious since by this narrative a struggle to understand complex geo-politics is replaced with a simplistic one size fits all framework. It does not require one to expend energy in difficult and searching introspection since all blame can be shifted to the perceived enemy and sinister anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.
It replaces the quest for a firm sense of identity in an increasingly globalized and, at times, disorientating world with a militant and aggressive Muslim identity that seeks conflict rather than co-existence in order to distinguish itself, be relevant and create tribal cohesion.
Some Muslims who dont subscribe to the tactics and ideological world-view of groups like ISIS still buy into the broad narrative such jihadist and Islamist groups purvey. The adoption of this broader narrative has become the default anti-establishment politics of today. It is a means of expressing solidarity and asserting a bold new identity while being a vehicle for seeking the restoration of pride and self-dignity.
Of course, for most British Muslims the ISIS narrative has no resonance whatsoever and alternative narratives to ease the cognitive dissonance are sought. However, the steady increase in ultra-conservative Islamic mores in recent years, backed by petro-dollars from Gulf Arab States, has meant the number of young Muslims that do sympathize with the ISIS narrative is alarmingly high. After all, the ISIS reading of scripture deviates very little from the Wahabism aggressively promoted by certain Gulf States.
The hundreds of British nationals did not abandon their families in the UK to join ISIS in a vacuum. The proliferation of literalist and austere strands of Islam combined with the inability of mainstream Muslim commentators to articulate a political narrative that does not reinforce the victimhood status and perceptions of grand anti-Muslim conspiracies have paved the way for ISIS propagandists. In the meantime, the over-reliance of Western states on law and war as a means of combating what is ultimately an ideological threat has meant extremist recruiters have yet to encounter a direct ideological challenge.
As things stand, British and other Western-born Muslims will continue being recruited to groups like ISIS as long as we fail to diagnose the problem correctly. A correct diagnosis needs to be followed by a direct and robust ideological challenge that is accompanied by alternative models and narratives for explaining the decrepit state of Muslim societies. Of course, positive political models that young Muslims can aspire to also need to be articulated in a fashion that does not alienate or patronize.
In the absence of this, dark forces that rely on unprecedented levels of brutality will continue to rise and fill a void we failed to identify.